14 August 2023

Interventek's world first 20,000psi open-water intervention safety valve package has been delivered to Trendsetter.

Interventek's world first 20,000psi open-water intervention safety valve package has been delivered to Trendsetter.

We’re celebrating the successful delivery of our new 20,000 psi, 5-1/8” Open Water Revolution Valve package, comprising a dual shear and seal valve assembly and accompanying retainer valve, in collaboration with Trendsetter Engineering, Inc.

This is the world’s first fully qualified 20k open-water intervention safety valve offering clients who have 20k assets a high performing and cost-effective solution for undertaking well operations on these extreme high-pressure wells.

Our valves have been manufactured, tested and certified to API 17G TR8 standards and have now been shipped to Trendsetter in Houston, to be integrated within their 20k TRIDENT Subsea Intervention System. The 20k TRIDENT System will undertake its first deployment in a subsea completion and intervention campaign in the Gulf of Mexico.

Achieving this production and qualification process for a 20k rated open-water intervention valve in such a short timescale is no mean feat. Rigorous qualification criteria must be met with shear and seal tests to demonstrate the sequential cutting of slickline, data line, braided cable, coiled tubing and coiled tubing with inner braided cable, followed by low and high-pressure hydro and gas seat tests. (Example results are available to view in our earlier posts.

The unique Revolution technology uses separate internal cutting and sealing components and rotary actuators to reliably shear intervention media and seal the wellbore in a single action. The assembly is much faster, smaller and lighter weight than conventional gate or ram valves and its compact design is scalable for a range of bore sizes and pressure ratings and suitable for in-riser, open water and other well access operations.

The Revolution valve can be integrated in a wide range of systems and specified for standard or sour service deployment with high strength, corrosion resistant alloys and resilient seals. Single, dual or triple cavities are available with interfaces for annulus access, chemical injection or pressure and temperature monitoring. It is quick to manufacture and provides easy access for maintenance and redress, reducing the cost of ownership by around 50%.

We’re very proud of our team’s efforts in bringing this outstanding innovation to full commercialisation and wish Trendsetter the best of luck with their ongoing global intervention strategy.