In-Riser Revolution Valve

Advanced subsea intervention and well control solutions for optimal safety.

Fast-acting – Scalable – Secure.

In-Riser Revolution PowerPlus

Advanced subsea intervention and well control solutions for optimal safety.

Fast-acting – Scalable – Secure.

Open Water Valve

Advanced subsea intervention and well control solutions for optimal safety.

Fast-acting – Scalable – Secure.

Interventek’s shear and seal Revolution valve is an innovative subsea well intervention safety valve, designed and engineered from the ground up to deliver exceptional performance and a step change improvement for the industry.

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Interventek’s advanced Revolution safety valve technology and subsea well entry systems are designed to support a wide range of operations across the full lifecycle of the well.

From exploration, appraisal, development, completion and intervention through to decommissioning, our fast-acting, fit-for-purpose solutions will improve project economics, safety and efficiency.

Our in-riser and open-water well entry solutions provide scalability, flexibility and modular simplicity. They have a strong track record, having supported projects for major international operators and service companies around the world and are API 17G compliant.

Revolution PowerPlus Valve
Our Revolution PowerPlus In-Riser valve, launched in 2019, has all the attributes of the original technology but includes an integral accumulator power source within its housing to deliver super-fast closure and a failsafe solution below the BOP shear rams. Find out more here >

In-Riser Intervention Solutions
Our Revolution-7 in-riser landing string system is a technically advanced, 7-inch nominal, 10,000psi rated subsea intervention system. It incorporates lower and upper subsea test tree valves, a latch, a Revolution retainer valve and lubricator valve. At the heart of the system, our unique Revolution PowerPlus valve delivers fast acting gas-accumulated power and failsafe actuation in less than a second. The system meets the latest API 17G 3rd edition industry specifications.

The overall system and its components are modular and universal, allowing them to be scaled up or down in configuration and capability and integrated with other third-party equipment. Our field proven solutions include simplified landing string systems, spanner joint systems, slim OD systems and ultra-deep water systems to meet a range of field applications.

With fewer, simpler components, the landing string system is compact and lightweight, but stronger and more fit-for-purpose. Supply lead time, redress and maintenance are faster, which reduces project and lifetime costs. The system is suitable for deployment in all BOPs and its modular nature allows additional or alternative valve functions to be incorporated.

In-Riser Control System
Interventek has a blueprint for a new rapid response subsea control system which reduces the overall complexity and cost of this critical equipment by an estimated 60%. Our simplified system interfaces with the PowerPlus Revolution valve in our landing string system to deliver fast-acting, failsafe reliability.

Simplifying the control system solution leads to greater ease of operation and maintenance, reduces POB requirements and drives down time and cost. Our high performing system is ideally suited to applications where project economics are challenging.

Open Water Well Entry Solutions
Interventek’s Open Water Valve combines our best-in-class Revolution shear and seal valve technology in a lightweight housing with high structural integrity. This subsea safety valve is lighter, more compact and more efficient than any other comparable device on the market.

The valve forms part of our Open Water Well Entry Solutions which can include a variety of components for different applications. A ball valve can be added to provide the flexibility of bi-directional sealing and a retainer valve will ensure the contents of the riser is contained. High set lubricator valves facilitate the testing of tool strings deployed from the vessel into the well and externally mounted actuators can be changed to suit the system and service requirement.

These lower cost, lighter weight well entry solutions are particularly suited to end-of-life applications and deployments from lightweight work vessels. With modular valve and system components, a wide range of configurations and the ability to interface with 3rd party equipment, our solutions can be tailored to suit a range of projects including intervention or temporary well suspension, P&A and decommissioning. Our open water solutions are field proven, API 17G compliant and available in a range of sizes and working pressures up to 20,000psi.

Decommissioning Solutions
With subsea decommissioning high on the agenda of many organisations, our well entry solutions are particularly appropriate. Interventek’s lightweight and compact systems have the flexibility and modularity required to address the wide-ranging requirements of these end-of-life operations.

We understand that the optimum solution is one which is customisable to the subsea architecture, infrastructure, water depth, vessel type and operational requirements. We have a history of providing solutions that minimise cost while providing maximum flexibility, and our track record includes the provision of technology for plug and abandonment operations performed from both jack-up and floating vessels.

Our high-performing Revolution technology offers the ability to reduce the number of valves in the well access package, reducing system size, weight and complexity. The improved ease of operation and maintenance in turn simplifies the personnel training requirements and minimises POB, ensuring the lowest QHSE and financial risk.

Our equipment can also be deployed as a fast incident response measure. For emergency response well containment, our Capping Stack is 50% lighter, smaller and easier to mobilise to site quickly, as well as easier and faster to deploy compared to other available solutions. The lightweight and compact nature of this equipment makes it ideally suited to contingency tree-on-tree installation during well entry operations.

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